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Our Digital Art Gallery is a continuous ART SHOW. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your Support is greatly appreciated. It directly benefits the artists. Please visit our Online Digital Art Gallery and download Works of Art to print and hang on your wall, have it printed on a coffee mug, a throw blanket and more.


Occasionally our Friends or Associates - sponsor a Digital Art Show for you to Meet & Mingle with the Artists and Creative People.


For an Invitation to Our Next "Meet & Mingle" Digital Art Show, Email Us at: BlurGlobalGallery@gmail.com


From time to time, our Creative People attend other events. Check below to see what's up.



Pixel Peanut




Vernell Jones III


Claudette Lorraine


Guy Barnes


J.A. Kelly




Karen Barron


CJ Harris


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