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Artists, Writers and Performers

NAICS Industry Code 711510


Over 50 Career and Business Choices for Creative People


Actors, independent


Actresses, independent


Animated cartoon artists, independent


Announcers, independent radio and television


Art restorers, independent


Artists (except commercial, musical), independent


Artists (i.e., painters), independent


Authors, independent


Ballet dancers, independent


Camera Operators, independent (freelance)


Cartoonists, independent


Celebrity spokespersons, independent


Choreographers, independent


Cinematographers, independent


Comedians, independent


Composers, independent


Conservators, independent


Costume designers, independent theatrical


Dancers, independent


Directors (i.e., film, motion picture, music, theatrical), independent


Directors, independent motion picture


Directors, independent music


Disc jockeys, independent


Entertainers, independent


Ethnic dancers, independent


Film actors, independent


Film producers, independent


Folk dancers, independent


Ghost writers, independent


Interpretive dancers, independent


Jazz dancers, independent


Journalists, independent (freelance)


Lighting technicians, theatrical, independent


Magicians, independent


Models, independent


Motion picture directors, independent


Motion picture producers, independent


Motivational speakers, independent


Music arrangers, independent


Music directors, independent


Newspaper columnists, independent (freelance)


Orchestra conductors, independent


Painters (i.e., artists), independent


Painting restorers, independent


Performers (i.e., entertainers), independent


Performing artists, independent


Photo journalists, independent (freelance)


Photographers, independent artistic


Playwrights, independent


Poets, independent


Political cartoonists, independent


Producers, independent


Radio commentators, independent


Record producers, independent


Recording technicians, independent


Reporters, independent (freelance)


Scenery designers, independent theatrical


Screenplay writers, independent


Script writers, independent


Sculptors, independent


Set designers, independent theatrical


Sketch artists, independent


Song writers, independent


Speakers, independent


Special effect technicians, independent


Sports announcers, independent


Stage set (e.g., concert, motion picture, television) erecting and dismantling, independent


Standup comedians, independent


Storytellers, independent


Technical writers, independent


Television producers, independent


Wildlife artists, independent


Writers of advertising copy, independent


Writers, independent (freelance)



Supporting Careers

Video Editors, Advertising Agency Executives, Information Distributors, Textiles Processing (Sewing), Carpentry Processing, Craft Processing, Publishing, etc...

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